In the 1970s, NASA was experimenting with trying to make a material to protect the occupants of space crafts and airplanes and ended up making memory foam; however, the memory foam was deemed inadequate so wasn’t used by NASA however, the mattress industry found an excellent use for it, and it became trendy and can be seen in a large number of households and is primarily used in hospitals and trauma centers. However, before you decide to buy memory foam mattresses, it is necessary for you to know the pros and cons and then weigh them together to see if it is worth getting it.

How they work:-

          Whenever some pressure is applied on them, they deform, and then after some time, they retake their original shape. After going through the process a few dozen times, they stop taking their original condition back and end up staying in the molded shape. This shape is mostly the shape of your body. Due to this, your body gets proper posture during sleeping, and so you don’t feel any issues and can sleep adequately and efficiently.


  • They are soft and take up your body’s shape, reducing the need to change your sleeping posture, so the pressure on your body won’t ruin your sleep.
  • They distribute your body weight evenly and adequately, and so any part of your body doesn’t feel increased pressure and doesn’t pains.
  • They contain natural elements that kill or keep away the insects like mites, ticks, and bed bugs so you can rest at ease and not have to worry about insects.


  • Many memory foam mattress has issues of heating up due to having a flawed heat distribution system, so people feel the heat which can cause some problems during sleeping; however, the newer models of memory foam mattress have remedied this issue with a better design and using special gels that provide better circulation of air and so avoid heating up.
  • When the memory foam mattresses were first introduced, they contained a few harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde that caused rashes, allergies, and other issues; however, the use of natural materials has solved this issue; however, quite a few brands of memory foam mattresses still use these chemicals, so you should probably avoid them.
  • Some people feel like they are sinking in their memory foam mattress, due to which they feel a sense of choking and are unable to sleep properly; you should make sure you aren’t one of these people.

Environmental effect:-

     The environment is an essential part of our lives, so we must take good care of it. There are two types of memory foam mattresses available. One is the petroleum-based ones based on petroleum compounds and is terrible for the environment and so are disliked by many people. The other is the natural type, which consists of environment-friendly materials like coconut and bio-degradable. So, it is preferred and gives a sense of being closer to the environment.


     Above we have mentioned the pros and cons of memory foam mattresses, and so now it is up to you to decide if you would like to use that type of bed.